Let us take a break about the hottest issues in local entertainment because I want to promote this bloggers' league I am currently joining. BC Bloggers is a group of more than 20 bloggers around the Philippines and other countries out there who will be linking their blogs on one another. It is like an instant blog roll if you know what I am talking about. This can boost up your blog's performance and will expose your blog on a wider audience. 

Since this blog is kind of new, I hope that the founder of BC Bloggers will accept me to their elite group. I joined BC Bloggers 4 last year and it was a success. My baby blog gained an instant PR3 and that is a great indication that BC Bloggers is really making a difference.

For more information, you can simply click the official badge of BC Bloggers on my blog's sidebar. Registration will be until October 15 so hurry now! Register for free and have your instant blogroll and friends as well. See you all!


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  1. Is there a payment in joining BC Blogger? Please email me jhorgekee@gmail.com

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